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Common Misconceptions About Dental Health

Common Misconceptions About Dental Health

Lancaster dentalMany people hold misconceptions about oral health. Unfortunately, some misconceptions can harm the health of teeth and gums. To help set the record straight, our team addresses common falsehoods that many people bring to our attention during checkups and cleanings. In providing high quality general and restorative dentistry, our team strives to empower our patients with accurate dental health education to help them make healthy choices and know when to seek professional treatment.

Many Cases of Tooth Decay are Asymptomatic

Most folks associate a toothache with a cavity. Since this is such a commonly held misconception, many patients will not seek professional treatment or have regular checkups until they feel discomfort in the form of a toothache. Despite this common misconception, the truth is the opposite: you can have cavities without experiencing tooth pain. Since cavities can occur without producing symptoms, we encourage our patients to schedule bi-annual cleanings and checkups. This will help our dentists detect decay in its earliest stages so that we can provide conservative treatment.

Gum Disease is a Serious Condition

Many people view gum disease as a minor, if not benign, condition. Periodontal (gum) disease is a major threat to your oral health – especially if it progresses to an advanced stage. Advanced gum disease can destroy your oral health by eroding gingival tissue and bone along with causing tooth loss. When periodontal disease progresses to a certain point, it cannot be cured. This is why regular cleanings, checkups, and proper oral hygiene are so important to maintaining good oral health.

Dental Cleanings are Necessary

Some people believe that if they practice thorough oral hygiene, they will not need professional cleanings. While adopting a meticulous oral hygiene routine is very important to enjoying great oral health, it is not enough. Professional cleanings remove substances that cannot be cleaned away at home. Our hygienists are trained to thoroughly clean all oral structures and receiving regular cleanings reduces patients’ risks for developing gum disease and oral infections.

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