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Is your diet contributing to your dental problems?

Is your diet contributing to your dental problems?

Lancaster OH dentalYou may be concerned about the appearance and condition of your teeth, but don’t always blame genetics or even your own daily oral care … look at what you are consuming to see if small changes in your diet will improve your dental health.

Starting out in infancy, what you consume and when, can impact your dental health. Of course, babies and children must rely on caregivers to prevent the potential problems that can occur from things such as:

Milk and juice in baby bottles – Putting a child down for a nap or at bedtime with anything in their bottle but water allows the sugars in milk, formula, or juice to potentially spend hours in the child’s mouth clinging to baby teeth.

Sports drinks, fruit juice, or soda – It’s more than just the sugar contained in these beverages that can damage teeth. Phosphoric and citric acids can erode dental enamel … the same applies to diet soda so while sugary beverages do harm, you can’t escape problems by switching to diet drinks.

Snacks – Potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, popcorn … Some of these might be a little healthier for your waistline, but any time you eat snacks that allow the sugars from carbs to get in between your teeth, you should floss and brush as soon as you can.

Candy – There are actually some candy treats that do more harm than others. Candy that is gummy or sticky clings to teeth.

Ice – Allows us to enjoy a soothing cold drink, but chewing ice can actually break down dental enamel and lead to weakened teeth.

Coffee, tea, wine, cola, berries, tomato based sauces, foods containing colorful dyes – If any of these things gets spilled on a white tablecloth or your lightly colored shirt, you might hurry to clean up the spill before it stains. Your teeth can become stained or discolored if regular consumption occurs. Brushing immediately following your meal might not be advised as citrus softens dental enamel; but rinsing with water, chewing sugar free gum, or sucking on sugar free candy gets saliva flowing that will help to wash your mouth naturally.

Brushing twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste; flossing daily; and seeing your dentist every six months for a cleaning, polishing, and dental exam will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking their best.

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