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Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

Lancaster OH dentistLike other parts of the body, the oral health system can be influenced by genetics. For instance, some patients may be genetically predisposed to tooth decay if weak tooth enamel runs in one’s family while others may be susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease because of genetic influences on blood flow and blood sugar. Even some congenital abnormalities affect oral health, too, such as cleft palates and cleft lips.

Fortunately, there are ways patients can fight genetics to enjoy vibrant oral health. We recommend visiting your dentist twice a year for preventive services and cleanings along with practicing thorough oral hygiene.

Are dental checkups really necessary?

Seeing a dentist regularly is necessary. During checkups, our team will look for signs of a number of oral health problems including caries, gum disease, and oral cancer. Using diagnostic tools, we can monitor the health of the entire oral cavity including bone mass and the roots of teeth. When oral health conditions are detected in their earliest stages, patients are more likely to receive conservative treatments, which tend to cost less and are not too invasive in nature.

If I brush and floss, why do I need dental cleanings?

Even if you brush and floss meticulously, debris and bacteria will still be left behind and form plaque. When bacteria colonize, plaque forms and coats the teeth. While most plaque is removed with brushing and flossing, some still is left behind and within a couple days, plaque will harden into tartar when exposed to calculus. Tartar is a hard substance and can only be removed from the teeth and gum line with dental instruments.

What foods and drinks should I avoid to protect my oral health?

We recommend drinking and eating sugary and acidic food in moderation to help control bacteria growth and maintain a healthy pH level in the mouth. Water consumption is important as well since it helps dilute acid and rinse away debris. Patients should drink at least 64-ounces of water a day.

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