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Good Dental Health Starts Early

Good Dental Health Starts Early

dentist Lancaster OHYour infant’s teeth actually start forming in the womb. They can emerge anywhere from four to six months (some may start earlier or a little later – this can be different for everyone). Keeping baby’s teeth clean in those early months can be done by wiping them with a soft cloth. At one year of age, your child should experience their first appointment with the dentist.

This first dental appointment is usually a brief exam to note any dental concerns; this is also a perfect opportunity for the caregivers to learn how to care for their child’s teeth that will produce results for their lifetime.

Brushing – Parents need to brush their child’s teeth until the toddler is coordinated enough to brush on their own. An age appropriate toothpaste is important. Although you want to teach your child to spit out toothpaste when done, it is inevitable that early on some toothpaste will be swallowed. Only use a small amount (about the size of a pea).

Use a soft bristle tooth brush – this is appropriate for your child and yourself. Brushing with a hard bristle tooth brush can be hard on gum tissue and dental enamel. Soft bristles are sufficient for a thorough cleaning.

Flossing – This takes a certain amount of coordination so you will have to help.

Feeding – While your child is still taking a bottle, it is important to understand some guidelines. Never put your baby down for a nap or the night with a bottle filled with anything but water. Milk and juice contain sugar. Your child could easily fall asleep with these sugar laden beverages still in their mouth allowing for the formation of plaque on teeth.

Dental visits – Taking your baby to the dentist at twelve months is a good start. But follow up visits are important to maintain. These visits allow your child to become comfortable with the sounds and smells of a dental office making each subsequent visit easier. Imagine how scary a first visit to the dentist could be if a dental problem like decay is indicated.

Following good guidelines to benefit your child’s dental health can be rewarded with more than a great smile. Great dental health may contribute to good overall health that is a reward to last a lifetime.

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