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My gums bleed when I brush: Should I be concerned?

My gums bleed when I brush: Should I be concerned?

best dentist Lancaster OHBleeding gums can be worrisome; if you are experiencing one or more spots where gums bleed without provocation, your dentist is the best resource to help you uncover the source of the problem.

Using the wrong tooth brush and brushing with too much force can result in bleeding gum tissue. A soft bristle brush and even pressure should not result in gums bleeding. If you make the change to the right brush and ease up when brushing but gums still bleed, it is time to see the dentist.

Bleeding gum tissue is often the first sign of the onset of gingivitis (gum disease). Other symptoms include red, swollen gum tissue (gums should be pink and firm); chronic bad breath; pain or discomfort; gum tissue appearing to pull away from teeth; or teeth feeling loose.

How does gum disease start? Most often it is the result of neglect or inefficient daily oral hygiene care. Missed dental appointments for cleaning and a dental exam allow plaque to build on teeth often resulting in the development of gum disease or dental decay.

Steps you can take to prevent developing gum disease include:

Twice daily brushing with a fluoridated tooth paste or gel.

Daily flossing.

Visit the dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning to have plaque build-up removed. A dental exam will give you a heads-up if your dentist sees problem areas.

If prescribed, use an anti-bacterial rinse as directed.

Adhere to a healthy diet complete with fresh fruits and vegetables (limit sugary snacks).

Drink water (in lieu of beverages loaded with empty calories).

Get sufficient rest and daily exercise.

Your dentist may recommend the use of an electronic toothbrush for multiple reasons. Most come equipped with a soft bristle brush and provide rapid action that allows the user to merely guide the brush around the teeth and tongue.

Another advantage is most have a built-in timer that encourages you to brush the full two minutes recommended for a sufficient cleaning experience.

Gum disease is treatable; however, if you are experiencing symptoms and fail to act upon them your condition could escalate to periodontitis which could ultimately result in infection and tooth loss.

Bleeding gums are an indicator that should not be ignored; your dentist will diagnose the problem and provide a solution that will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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