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Six Month Smiles: Straighten teeth in less time

Six Month Smiles: Straighten teeth in less time

There comes a time in the life of an adult when you’re torn between wanting straight teeth and not wanting braces. In fact, it’s a common dilemma: you would like to improve your appearance by straightening your front teeth, but you’re just not willing to dive head first into comprehensive orthodontics.

There is a long list of valid reasons to justify your feelings:

  • You are only interested in making minor alignment corrections.
  • You don’t want to wear conventional metal braces for years.
  • You have a professional or mature image to protect.
  • You had braces as a child or teenager, but did not wear a retainer and the front teeth have shifted, now requiring a retreatment.
  • Your interest in orthodontics is purely cosmetic and not based on a serious functional or skeletal problem.

Your motivations for desiring an alternative to traditional orthodontics are the very factors that could make you an ideal candidate for Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary cosmetic orthodontic option for adults that can dramatically improve the position and alignment of the teeth that can be seen when you smile. By trading in the conventional metal brackets for small, clear brackets that are less obtrusive, your treatment can be completed much more discreetly. With tooth-colored wires, this treatment will apply gentle forces to the teeth rather than aggressive pressure, allowing your smile to emerge in approximately 6 months with less pain and fewer side effects.

Once the alignment of your teeth has been completed, you will be fitted with the retainer that is most appropriate for your smile and your lifestyle. Your options will include clear retainers that are removable and bonded retainers that are permanently fixed against the back surfaces of the front teeth.

Get a straighter smile the grownup way. Like many adults, you want an orthodontic solution that makes sense and feels right without making your life uncomfortable or inconvenient. Talk to our team at Friendly Dental Care today about Six Month Smiles.