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The Role Nutrition Plays in Maintaining Healthy Teeth

The Role Nutrition Plays in Maintaining Healthy Teeth

family dentist Lancaster OHYour permanent teeth are intended to serve you for your lifetime. However, improper care can endanger your teeth. We know that we are supposed to brush and floss every day; and visit the family dentist every six months for cleaning and exam. But did you know there are other ways to help maintain healthy teeth and gums?

In addition to the role of daily oral maintenance and keeping regular visits with your dentist, the foods and beverages you consume can play a significant role in your oral health. The steps you take to preserve your healthy teeth and gums will also help to maintain good overall health as well.

Food choices are plentiful … grocery store aisles are packed with appetizing goodies; fast food restaurants seem to be on every corner; and busy schedules often lead us to what is convenient. Sadly, this also means we might be tempted to give in to a diet loaded with sugar, and lacking proper nutrition. Retraining food habits might take a little effort, but the result will be well worth it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are easily obtained year-round. Healthy and tasty recipes abound where vegetables are the focus; if fresh isn’t always available, frozen or canned can be used.

Fruit makes a wonderful dessert … it is naturally sweet without piling on the sugar and carbs that can lead to dental decay. Be aware that dried fruit can contain a lot of sugar so do not fool yourself into believing that this can be substituted for fresh or low sugar canned varieties.

Beverages are often labeled as healthy, but if you read the labels you might discover that although they might contain some nutrients, they are also usually loaded with sugar. Water is a thirst quenching, no calorie, no sugar solution. If you don’t like plain water, try infusing it with your favorite fruit.

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese can provide lots of important vitamins and nutrients; protein is important for your health too, and it is available through many sources. Snacking on a handful of nuts is one way. Other healthier snacks include sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

A healthy diet is important for great oral health; coupled with daily brushing and flossing and seeing your family dentist every six months will help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime.

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