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How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for dental implants?

How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for dental implants?

implant dentist LancasterThe best way to determine candidacy for this permanent form of teeth replacement is to schedule a consultation with an implant dentist.

During the appointment, dental x-rays will be used to determine jaw bone quality. Insufficient bone does not automatically exclude candidacy; however, it would point to additional treatment to build up bone strength prior to placing dental implants.

A dental implant is most often made from titanium, a metal selected for its proven ability for adaptability. Bone fuses to titanium creating a bond that provides the strength and stability needed to last a lifetime acting like the roots of a biological tooth. Additionally, titanium is resistant to rejection making this material ideal for introducing it into the body.

Your implant dentist will conduct a brief medical exam reviewing things such as overall health; present medical conditions (i.e. high blood pressure); medications being taken; present diseases such as immune diseases that might interfere with a successful implant procedure.

Once the overall health hurdle has been cleared, the dental health is thoroughly examined. Gum disease, if present, must be cleared up before getting started with dental implants.

Finally, the patient’s dedication and commitment to the treatment must be agreed upon. During treatment, the patient must agree to follow the recommendations given including:

  1. Keep the implant area brushed and flossed daily. As infection is a leading cause for implant failure, keeping the implant area clean is critical.
  2. Keeping scheduled visits with the dentist for progress check-ups.
  3. Discontinuing tobacco use. Probably the hardest of the requirements, giving up this addictive habit is important as smoking is another leading cause attributed to implant failure.

While this lengthy process may seem demanding, the end result is well worth it. Tooth loss of one or more teeth is corrected providing the ability to:

  1. Eat all the foods you love without restriction.
  2. Speak without concern of issues related to missing teeth or a slipping prosthesis.
  3. Smile broadly:  Not only are teeth no longer missing, your new teeth are beautiful and totally indistinguishable from neighboring natural teeth.

Your dentist will have placed a final restoration that fits and looks great restoring your self-confidence and enhancing your daily quality of life.

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, contact our skilled and dedicated team today and schedule your informative consultation today.